All About Our Points System & Referral Program

Nyara ChikankariWelcome to Nyara, a haven for exquisite Chikankari craftsmanship!

We believe that shopping for handcrafted Chikankari creations should not only be a delightful experience but also a rewarding one. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Nyara Points, a system meticulously designed to enhance your shopping journey and provide you with exciting benefits. 

Earning Nyara Points
Earning Nyara PointsEvery Chikankari piece you purchase is an opportunity to earn points. For every rupee you spend, you will accumulate 5 points. Whether you're selecting an elegant Chikankari saree, a delicate Chikankari kurta, or an intricately embroidered Chikankari dupatta, each purchase is a step toward unlocking remarkable rewards.

Redeeming Nyara Points
Redeeming Nyara PointsAs a valued patron of Nyara, we want to express our gratitude for your loyalty by offering you the chance to redeem your hard-earned points for discounts on your next Chikankari purchase. When you're ready to redeem your accumulated points, it's as simple as opening our website, selecting your desired Chikankari piece, and applying your points at checkout. For every 100 points you redeem, you will receive a discount equivalent to 1 rupee. 

Referral Program
Nyara Referral Program
1. Give Your Friends a Reward: When you refer a friend to Nyara using your unique referral code or link, they will receive a special ₹300 off coupon. This exclusive discount can be applied to their first purchase, allowing them to experience the exquisite craftsmanship of Chikankari at an enticing price.

2. Claim Your Own Reward: As a token of our appreciation for your referral, we will reward you with a ₹300 off coupon for each successful referral. This coupon can be used towards your future purchases, allowing you to enjoy additional savings as you expand your Chikankari collection.

Nyara Referral ProgramNow that you've understood how our points system and referral program works, start earning points today by creating your account and let the magic of Chikankari weave its way into your heart and wardrobe.

Happy shopping, and may every Chikankari piece bring you beauty, rewards, and cherished memories!

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