Stitching of Bottoms

Rs. 500.00

Only 99 pieces in stock

This service is available on purchase of any Unstitched/ Semi-Stitched Bottoms from our website.  

The stitching service applicable to the product you wish to get stitched is clearly mentioned in the product description. Kindly check the same before adding the service.

If you are purchasing more than 1 Bottoms and wish to get more than 1 bottom stitched, then make sure to add the stitching service that many times. For example if you are purchasing 2 Bottoms and wish to get both of them stitched then increase the quantity of Stitching of Bottoms to 2. 

After receiving your order, our team will reach out to you regarding measurements. All stitched orders usually take up to 7 days for dispatch after receiving your measurements. 

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